Age of Mythology Vs Age of Empires

Age of Mythology is about mythical creatures, ancient Greek gods and heroes. Age of Empires is based on ancient real world wars and warriors. Altogether there are 32 stages in Age of Mythology default campaign. Age of empires campaigns has lot of stages divided in many parts. Age of Mythology campaign is flow as a one story and the game player get the feeling, that he/she is also a character of the game story. Age of Empires has three versions, Age of Empires I (The rise of Rome), Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III. Now there is Age of Empires 4 too. Age of Empires has historical real world characters such as Archimedes, Julius Caesar, Alexander and Vercingetorix. Age of Mythology has mythical creatures, heroes and known Greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Osiris and Ra.

Age of Mythology has a beautiful story behind the game. Age of Empires also has games which are based on real world incidents.

Both games demonstrate different cultures in different nations and countries. The graphic designers of both games have given a much priority to cloths of the characters, Building structures and the environment. Both games are excellent strategic games which were designed by Microsoft. I think, both game developing teams were consist around 150 persons. After successfully completing the games the credits are shown. Both games give the feeling of being in the game to the user.

There are expansion packs for both games. Expansion pack for Age of Mythology is “Age of Mythology – The Titans”. Age of Mythology –Titans is consist with base games which were available in Age of Mythology and there are extra campaigns for Titans. We can also download many different campaigns and scenarios for the both games. Game users are free to design their own scenarios using scenario builder provided with the game. But there is no guarantee that the downloaded campaigns and scenarios will be interesting as the original scenarios.

To play Age of Mythology, high performance computer is needed relative to Age of Empires. Graphics is high quality and more advance in Age of Mythology. It demonstrate God powers and other mythical features in an excellent manner.

There is no Age of Mythology II. The Age of Mythology Titans Expansion is considering as the 2nd version of Age of Mythology. But it is actually continued from the where Age of Mythology finished. In Age of Mythology Titans expansion, the Titans campaigns are starting from the where Age of Mythology ends. But the main role in Age of Mythology, Hero Arkantos, is not there. He is dead and the main role in Age of Mythology Titans expansion is his son. In Titans expansion, Arkantos is acting as a god but can’t use in the game. Al together there are 12 stages in Titans expansion campaigns. In last few stages, there are different Titans and we have to deal with them using different strategies. In the last stage (12th stage) only we can have a Titan in our own. Following video shows how our titan (Gaia) fight with the enemy titan (Kronos) and end the Age of Mythology Titans expansion.

Kronos is the son of Gaia and he is the king of all Titans. It’s said that Greek gods are children of Titans. But the power of Olympians is the fact that keep the Titans imprisoned.

It’s actually very nice game flowing like a movie.

When talking about Age of Mythology and Age of Empires, we can’t forget about the sounds and music. There are high quality sounds provided in both games. Music composers have done a great job in here.

In Age of Mythology there are three kinds of gods to follow. Those are Greek, Egyptian and Norse. In the titans expansion, we can worship to Titans and at the end we can build a Titan gate and release a Titan. In Age of Empires, there are different different Ages to advance through. Like wise in Age of Mythology, we have to worship gods/titans to advance through. According to the God or Titan we choose to worship, the powers and technology will be having. There are 9 major gods including, Zeus, Hades, Thor, Loki, Ra, Set. Age of Mythology is a game based on the way the humans were used in the war between Underworld and Olympus.


In the Titans Expansion, it’s really hard to play, if we set the difficulty mode to Titan. The computer will advanced very quickly by gathering resources immediately. Then it will release the Titan in a short period of time and Titan will come to our base to attack. So the game will be over after the computer release the Titan. Titan is accompanied by a huge army. So, there is no way to attack them back without using cheats.

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