Importance of custom error pages

Instead of providing a cryptic error to the users, you can display your own custom error page when an error occurs. It's not nice to display a cryptic error message to the user (Yellow screen) which requires technical knowledge to understand. The user really don't care about what's gone wrong technically. What (s)he cares is an understandable error message and/or how to report it to the website owners and/or how to recover from the error.

To know the actual error for the developers, you can use a logging mechanism. It’s not nice to show the Yellow Screen of Death (YSoD) to the user. Hide it. Log your errors. You (Developer) are the only person who is worrying about the actual error message and what went wrong. From the user’s perspective, it’s not important. So always remember to use a custom error page. You can achieve this with asp.net Custom error pages.


Mobile App Development said...

Nice discussion. Thank you for given way to remove this error. It is very helpful.

lukejamie07 said...

Yes its a necessary step to follow that if their is any technical error for any of your web page,there should be something message to redirect customer to homepage.

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pooja said...

good explanation, thanks for providing the solution.