Got awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

After celebrating the new year at my office, I went home as usual. Around 8:30PM, I saw there were tweets appearing in my tweet feed saying “Congratulations renewed MVPs and welcome new MVPs”, “Congratulations 2013 MVPs” etc. I checked the time of those tweets and I saw those were about 45 minutes-30 minutes ago. There were no new mail notification in my e-mail account. But with a slight hope, I opened it and saw spam(1). I clicked on it and saw the most awaited e-mail. There it was in my spam folder!

I got the e-mail from MVP award saying I’ve been awarded as a 2013 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for my contributions in ASP.NET/IIS technical communities.

I started my developer life with C and Visual Basic. As I step in to my university, I learned Java, PHP and C++. I was mastered in Java (J2SE and J2ME). But when I started my industry placement (training period) at IronOne technologies, I was required to do a Windows mobile project along with an ASP.NET project. That’s how I started to develop web application with ASP.NET Smile

I did iPhone and Android projects before I fully step in to web applications development with ASP.NET. During the past four years, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, IIS, HTML, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS became a part of my day to day life. I did projects using those technologies and provided answers on the international ASP.NET and IIS forums. By providing answers during 2011/2012, I became the 3rd Top Answerer in ASP.NET forums and 16th Top Answerer in IIS forums.


Currently I’m holding the 45th position of their Hall of Fame among 176350 members.


Apart from Contributing to the forums, I also contributed to the technical community by posting sample codes and other relevant articles here.

Also, I’m an active member of Sri Lanka .NET forum and actively share my knowledge through Developer Help Facebook group, Sri Lanka .NET Forum Facebook group and via Twitter.

Sometimes, I contribute to the ASP.NET Wiki section too.

I have MANY people to thanks for this award. My parents, my loving sister, my brother in law, my friends, Moderators, Microsoft Forum Technicians and my peer members at both ASP.NET and IIS forums, Staff at Microsoft Sri Lanka, Staff at Singapore Microsoft,  MVPs in Sri Lanka, IronOne staff and there are many more to list here. Thank you all who have helped me!

Finally, Thank you very much Microsoft for appreciating my efforts to share my knowledge among the community.

Cheers! Smile

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