How to vertically center align a text within a dynamically created asp:Label

The following code example shows how to center a text within a asp:Label using a bit of mathematics and help of CSS styles. For the horizontal align, we can simply set the CSS style, text-align to center. For vertically center align the text, we have to use some calculations and position the text accordingly.

Label lblproof = new Label();

lblproof.ID = "label2";

int width = 60;

int height = 30;

int fontSize = 12;

lblproof.Width = width;

lblproof.Height = height-(((height - fontSize) / 2)/2);

lblproof.Text = "Pueba2";

lblproof.Style["position"] = "absolute";

lblproof.Style["font-size"] = "12px";

lblproof.Style["border-bottom"] = "2px";

lblproof.Style["border-left"] = "2px";

lblproof.Style["border-top"] = "2px";

lblproof.Style["border-right"] = "2px";

lblproof.Style["border-style"] = "solid";

lblproof.Style["text-align"]= "center";

lblproof.Style["padding-top"] = (((height - fontSize) / 2) / 2).ToString()+"px";

lblproof.Style["margin-left"] = "auto";

lblproof.Style["margin-right"] = "auto";


You can change the variable values for height, width and fontSize. The mathematical calculation will take the respective values and center the text inside the label both vertically and horizontally.

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