UI Layers for Android

Sense UI

HTC Hero is the first device to support Sense UI. Some useful widgets are available on this UI layer. This UI Layer is focused to provide the user with a highly customizable UI layer to easily access most commonly used features such as Facebook posting, email, media, Twitter, Weather, Flickr etc. We can talk about the Sense UI by dividing it to four topics and talk under each topic. Those are

1. UI Enhancements.

2. Widgets.

3. Core Extensions.

4. Extra applications.

UI Enhancements

There are many differences between the standard Android UI and Sense UI. Some of those are

Sense UI

Standard UI

Notification bar icons are small.

Notification bar icons are in medium size.

In the bottom of the screen there are three buttons.

In the bottom of the screen there is a single screen centered button.

In the bottom of the screen, center button is Phone button.

In the bottom of the screen, center button is applications button.

Home screen has 7 pages.

Home screen has 3 pages.

Sense UI also has a feature called ‘Scenes’. Scenes are just like desktop themes in a PC. It allows users to choose different arrangements of pages of the home screen. Each scene has a different wallpaper and set of widgets. User can create custom scenes too.


Widgets are improved in UI vice and Feature vice in Sense UI.

Core Extensions

The biggest feature in the Sense UI is Exchange support. Calendar events will appear as a one unified calendar. That means there is no need to check separate calendar applications. Sense UI allows user to add Facebook contacts and Flickr contacts to the phone contact list.

When it comes to Facebook integration in the Android Sense UI, there are some cool features.

  • Events and Updates
  • Requests
  • Updates about friends.

Extra application

Voice recorder and Peep are two popular applications in Sense UI. Voice recorder is just a simple voice recorder which can record sounds and directly set it as the ringtone. Peep is a smart Twitter client.

Rachael UI

Sony Ericsson has built a new UI layer top of the Android. Just like HTC layered the Sense UI over the top of the Android on Hero, Sony Ericsson layered the Rachael UI over the top of the Android. It has a message screen which shows Facebook, SMS, Calls, Twitter, and Emails in one. But most of the users are complaining about many different issues on this UI. Most of the experienced user and mobile OS specialist are saying Sense UI is better. Some says there are some spelling mistakes in this UI! Users have experienced so much of problems in this UI.

Rosie UI

Rosie UI is another beautiful UI layer provided for Android. According to the users, this UI also has some bugs with the performance. They says this UI lacks with poor performance.

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