Hardware in the mobile devices running on Android

There is a huge diversity in hardware on the devices which runs Android. The most popular phone which runs Android is HTC. Other than that, there are Motorola Droids and Sony Ericsson phones which run on Android. Because of Android is an open source operating system, it has capabilities to run on many different devices with a huge hardware diversity in input method etc. (Not only on devices which are manufactured by a one vendor).

This is a link to a list of devices which are running on Android OS


Most Android applications can fully access the core applications provided by the OS and all the hardware in the device. That means developers can make use of all the hardware in the mobile device. Linux kernel 2.6 is controlling the drivers, IO and memory management in the device.

The devices which are run on Android can be in many different sizes and can have different ways to do the input. Android developers must take that issue into notice when developing an application for the Android platform. As Android OS is running on many different devices with huge hardware variety, developing an application for the Android is much difficult than developing an application for the iPhone. The 3D applications will behave differently on devices depend on the power of the Graphic unit of the device, such as games. Those will run smoothly in powerful devices which has strong graphic unit. Otherwise those applications will run slow.

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