Android OS versions

Google use bakery items names as the codenames for Android OS versions!

Android OS 1.5

Android OS version 1.5 is codenamed as “cupcake”. This OS version is accompanied with two main key features. Those are

· Soft-keyboard support with auto complete feature.

· Accelerometer support for switching displays between landscape mode and portrait mode.

There are other main capabilities of version 1.5. It is enriched with the facility for user to record video and directly uploads it to the YouTube. Likewise user can take photos and directly upload it to the Picasa.

The web browser is also enriched with the capability to copy and paste and has the history page and tabbed bookmarks.

The most two interesting features among all are animating between screens and widgets on the desktop.

Android OS 1.6

Android OS version 1.6 is codenamed as “Donut”. This is the most using Android OS version. There are some slight differences between OS version 1.5 and 1.6. They are

· A quick search box responds to voice commands for search the web and device.

· Multi-languages Text to speech feature.

· Support for CDMA handsets.

· Launching the camera is 39% faster than in OS version 1.5.

· Time duration to take a photo is reduced by 28% than OS version 1.5.

· A neat battery indicator which provides details about percentages of battery usage by applications.

· Integrated gallery interface which supports to multiple file deletion.

Android OS 1.6 was developed to grant some user requests and to add some new features.

Android OS 2.0

Version 2.0 is codenamed as “Éclair”. This is the least used Android OS version. Android OS 2.0 is the biggest step of Android versions. It enriched with

· Browser improvements (Flash 10 and HTML 5 enabled browsers).

· Completely updated map application to include layers.

· YouTube widget.

· Support for more screen sizes and resolutions.

· Searchable SMS and MMS.

· Text message auto delete after a user defined thread size is met.

· Improved camera controls (white balancing etc.)

Android OS 2.0.1

Android OS 2.0.1 is a minor update with some bug fixes. So, for this version, there is no specific codename. It’s also known as “Éclair”. It has some minor changes for already existed features. Those are

· New lock screen.

· New look and feel system widgets.

· Improved camera performance and auto-focus functionality.

· Better audio quality for incoming calls.

· Increased battery life and system stability.

· Improved performance in the system and the browser.

There are some other small changes in version 2.0.1 such as improved Bluetooth functionality, an updated interface for the corporate calendar widget, the ability to use seven-digit numbers etc.

Android OS 2.1

Android 2.1 the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, is still not released officially. It will be codenamed as “Flan”. But according to rumors, it will mostly be a bug fixed version of other OS versions. According to specialists, in Android OS 2.1, the accelerometer will enable the landscape orientation for home screen.

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