CMOS checksum error – Defaults loaded

When the computer boots, if that error is displayed, that means there is a problem in your CMOS battery (A battery located on the motherboard to store the system date, system passwords etc.)

Warning! CPU has been changed or CPU Ratio…

Above warning is also displayed along with this error because the system boot exactly can’t identify where the wrong, actually is. You must press F1 key in order to continue, after that message is being displayed.

You can ensure whether the wrong is with the CMOS battery or not, by setting the date and time in Windows. If the date and time remain correct after you switch on the computer again, that means your CMOS battery is working properly. If the date and time is reset to the default date and time when you switch on the computer that means the CMOS battery is not working.

I think it’s a good idea to write another important fact about CMOS battery at the moment I’m talking about it. You can reset your system passwords by removing the CMOS battery and then replace it after a while.

If you feel the error is not with the CMOS battery, you can try to resolve that problem by updating BIOS.

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