What is the best Chat?

Nowadays, Chat is a very popular medium of communicating. These days it’s becoming very popular among professionals to communicate even officially. Some IT companies are conducting their interviews through video and voice chat.

When it comes to smileys, the yahoo messenger provides the best Emoticons. Here is the descending order of quality of smileys

Yahoo messenger > Google Talk, Skype > Facebook

Among the Chats mentioned above, facebook chat is the worst. Google Talk has very simple and user friendly GUI and Google talk is very reliable. Facebook chat is not reliable and poor with smileys. Yahoo messenger 10 is enriched with high quality animating smileys.

In Skype, if you have contacts from different countries other than your country, you can view their times.

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Nuwan Nanayakkara said...

I guess there are lot of multy channel chat engines and also there are open source chat APIs. You better study on those.